3 Items to Consider When Deciding on an Eye Center for You and Your Family

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Optometrists

The eye doctor has changed over the last few decades. Instead of a simple office where annual examinations are done, many locations now offer numerous specialties. For instance, you can now find offices that perform LASIK or cornea transplants in Jacksonville, FL.

As you or members of your family age, you may want an eye center that in one space. Should that be the case, here are three items to consider.

On-site Surgical Suites

If you need to have a cataract removed or require cornea transplants in Jacksonville, FL, then it’s important for the diagnostic and surgical services to be in one location. These are sensitive operations that can take time to heal, so it’s best not to drive to different locations.

Glaucoma Treatments

When it comes to this form of cancer, you don’t want to rely on any doctor. You need eye doctors and specialists who are subject matter experts (SMEs) on the disease and how it can be treated with a knowledge base that extends beyond the standard therapies. When searching for a good eye center, consider specialists who look at alternatives or clinical trials that can help remove glaucoma for good.

LASIK and Cosmetic Treatments

The eye center you choose should have the ability to improve your vision or enhance your eyes. For instance, if you need to straighten a lazy eye, this should be part of the surgical suite. If cosmetic treatments are available, LASIK should be one of the procedures provided. It is a main component to eliminating the need for glasses or contacts.

When you’re ready to switch to a multipurpose eye center, make an appointment with an eye specialist you trust. Before fully committing to their services, ask for a tour of the facilities to get a well-rounded idea of the center’s offerings.

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