3 Reasons Why Patients Choose a Clinic for Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati, OH

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Health

A few years ago it was rare to find a clinic that offered fast, high-quality care. Today there are walk-in urgent care clinics in almost every American town. This is especially true of metropolitan areas like Cincinnati. Centers offering Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH are being built every day to fill the growing demand. Patients like the clinics because they are affordable and convenient. They also offer short wait times and on site diagnoses.

Urgent Care Is Always Close and Available

A clinic offering Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH can feel like a life raft to residents who do not live near a hospital. Unlike hospitals, urgent care centers are conveniently located. Clinics provide information online and many patients choose them after they Visit the website and see that nearby centers are open 7 days a week. Emergency centers accept walk in patients who often wait just minutes to be seen. Most would wait hours in a hospital ER, which is designed to treat the most serious cases first.

Clinics Offer Quick Diagnoses

Urgent care clinics are staffed by teams of experienced professionals. They include on site labs as well as x-ray and ultrasound equipment. That means that patients can get fast diagnoses and often prescriptions from clinic pharmacies. The centers are ready to treat a huge range of emergencies, including lacerations, bleeding, fractures, chest pains, head injuries, bites and breathing problems.

Emergency Centers Cost Less Than Hospitals

A typical urgent care center asks for payment up front but charges far less than hospital emergency rooms. Clinics also accept a wide variety of private insurance. Many corporations send their employees to the clinics if they are injured on the job. Urgent care centers include occupational health care experts and accept workman’s comp cases. In addition, patients who have been in car accidents just need to show proof of auto insurance and centers will bill directly to their insurers.

Modern urgent care clinics fill a need created by overcrowded, expensive hospital emergency rooms. Patients can walk into a clinic and be seen, diagnosed and treated within a short time. The centers are convenient, affordable and offer a wide range of services.

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