3 Types of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH That Can Be Handled at Urgent Care

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Health

For many people, an urgent care is more than just a place to go when they come down with a cold or the flu. Instead, they depend on these locations to take care of a wide variety of issues centering on Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. Here are three examples of why an employee or potential employee may be headed down to urgent care to see a medical professional.

Drug Testing

Before employment can be finalized, companies often ask applicants to go through the drug testing process. This ensures the employer that the individual is drug-free and ready to get started with the tasks the jobs require. This isn’t the only time that an employee can be sent in for drug testing. If an accident has occurred an employee may need to come in. Or some employers have random testing throughout the year.

Physical Exams

Certain jobs require that a person is in good physical health. A great example comes from jobs regulated by the Department of Transportation. Applicants must be able to pass the physical exam in order to be hired. These exams can be done at an urgent care location that handles Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. Other jobs that require certain physical tasks may also require a physical exam to ensure that a person can handle his or her responsibilities.


When a person gets hurt on the job, protocols are set up to protect both the employee and the employer. An individual may be sent to urgent care to get the injury looked at. Then, if further treatment or rehabilitation is required, the same location can continue to work with the patient. Dealing with one location for all of the patient’s needs can be convenient for everyone involved.

When an employee needs drug testing, a physical, or even help with an injury, Eastside Urgent Care is a great choice. No appointments are required and there are extended hours to meet the needs of those that don’t just work a nine to five job. At the same time, this location can handle a wide range of testing and is dedicated to maintaining a return-to-work policy that meets the local and national standards. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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