3 Ways to Make Air Travel More Convenient for Senior Loved Ones

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Health

You love your parents. They may be getting on with age but they’re still pretty spry. While you want to see them enjoying themselves, that’s not going to stop you from worrying. If they’re going on a trip and you want to make sure they get to and from their hotel, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Pick a cruise

That’s an excellent piece of advice from Reader’s Digest. Your parents will love all the planned activities. If they get tired, they could nap or just sit around and while the day away, talking to their friends or each other and taking a million photos of the sea and sky.

Hire a companion

You wouldn’t want to spoil their trip together by having someone tag along on their cruise. But you could put your worries to rest by hiring the services of an air travel companion, someone who be with them while they board their flights to where their cruise ship is and back again. Airports are busy and there are so many people that it’s often easy for seniors to get stressed, slip or hurt themselves. Keep those scenarios from happening by having an air travel companion to look after their health and safety.

Do your homework

Picking out a companion in random isn’t going to work, though. Look for one from a reputable medical escort service. A trained and experienced RN is a good option to go for. Someone with medical knowledge and expertise can help your parents manage their daily medication so they won’t miss a dose. An RN can also monitor your parent’s health and condition to ensure they aren’t stressed or sick and that their blood pressure is normal.

Make it easier for your senior parents to take their flights. Hire a travel companion to help them out.

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