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4 Important Reasons To See A Medical Doctor In Wichita Kansas Every Year


There are some people who only visit the doctor if they are sick or if something doesn’t feel right. This is a mistake. While it is very important that a person sees the doctor when something is wrong, it is equally as important that they see a medical doctor in Wichita, Kansas when they are feeling good.

Routine Blood Screenings

When a person sees the doctor every year, the doctor will order a complete blood panel. These blood screenings test for a variety of things such as the person’s cholesterol and their blood sugar to determine if they are at risk for diabetes. A regular blood panel will also test for abnormalities that can cause conditions such as anemia, heart disease, anemia, kidney disease, stroke, and liver disease. In many cases, routine blood screenings can save a person’s life.

Weight Checks and Dietary Advice

During an annual visit, the doctor would check the individual’s weight. If they have gained or lost a significant amount of weight since their last visit, the doctor can try to figure out why. If there is no medical reason for the drastic change in the individual’s weight, the doctor can discuss dietary changes that they should make before their health is put at serious risk.

Maintain a Strong Doctor/Patient Relationship

It is important that a person feels comfortable with their doctor. If they don’t, it can be difficult for them to trust the doctor to discuss any issues that they find concerning. If the individual sees their doctor on an annual basis, they can build a strong and trusting patient/doctor relationship. This is very important.

Necessary Immunizations

One common misconception that many adults have is that once they reach adulthood, they no longer need to be immunized. A few of these vaccines include the Tdap vaccine, the flu vaccine, the tetanus-diphtheria (Td) is necessary every 10 years. When a person sees their doctor every year, they can get the vaccines that they need to remain healthy.

While it is very important to see the doctor when a person is feeling ill, it is just as important to see the doctor for a routine visit when they are feeling healthy. For information on a reputable medical doctor in Wichita, Kansas, contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC.

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