4 Reasons You’re Getting an Imaging Scan

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Imaging Centers

If your doctor has recommended that you get a radiology imaging scan, don’t panic. Several reasons may be behind the request. By knowing what radiology imaging scans are used for, you can have a better idea of what’s happening inside you.

Diagnose Your Symptoms

Have you had symptoms that you can’t explain? If your doctor asks you to get an imaging scan, they may be trying to eliminate possible causes of your condition. Make an appointment with a trusted orlando radiology imaging facility to get the results, so you can talk to your doctor about your condition.

Monitor Your Body After Treatment

If you’ve been receiving treatment, an imaging scan is one way to monitor your body and how well it responds to treatment. Is there any significant change? Your doctor can determine that after seeing your imaging scan results.

Screen for Different Illnesses

Some families have a history of colon cancer. Others have relatives who’ve gotten sick from heart disease or breast cancer. If you have any of that in your family tree, you may want to get an imaging scan done. Your doctor may recommend this test to check if you’ve got any of the same problems. For instance, if your mom had breast cancer, getting the test done can determine if you are also in the early stages of breast cancer. Catching it early is critical since the earlier those signs are detected, the better your chances of recovery.

Where to Go for an Imaging Scan?

Look for facilities that offer diagnostic radiology exams, some of which include mammography, x-rays, MRI or MRA scans, CT scans, CAT scans, and more. Consider the reputation of the facility before you book an appointment. Has the facility been around for years? Does it offer an open MRI scan? How early can you book an appointment? Find out.

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