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4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

The odds are, you’ve probably been exposed to an ad for laser hair removal at one point or another during your everyday schedule. Ads make this procedure seem like a blessing that can rid any part of your body of hair in no time at all. However, the truth is that laser hair removal in Barrington just isn’t that simple. In fact, if this is a route you intend to take in the coming weeks or months, there are several things you need to know before jumping right in.

How it Works

While many people are interested in laser hair removal, few of them actually know how the process works. Simply put, the laser used during the procedure uses a light that converts to heat energy when it comes into contact with your skin. While this heat isn’t strong enough to hurt, it’s strong enough to damage hair follicles when the dark-pigmented hairs absorb it. This damage then prevents hair from growing again.

It Takes Time

Laser hair removal isn’t an immediate fix for pesky body hair. It will typically take multiple sessions in order to achieve the hairless, smooth results you’re probably expecting. The laser itself is effective, but because it does damage your hair follicles, only small areas can be completed in each visit. Furthermore, a single pass of the laser may not be enough to inhibit hair growth, meaning you could require more sessions. Typically, average clients require between 5 and 6 treatments in the desired area.

Stay Out of the Sun

Getting laser hair removal in Barrington involves a bit more preparation than you might think. The main thing clients have trouble with is staying out of the sun prior to the procedure. Ideally, you should refrain from getting either sunburned or tanned in the 4 weeks leading up to your scheduled appointment if you want effective results.

It’s Not Painless

Beauty comes at a price, and hair removal is no exception. While it’s certainly more comfortable than waxing, you should still expect to feel some small amount of pain during a procedure, like someone’s lightly snapping a rubber band against the area where the laser comes into contact with your skin. It is, after all, firing enough heat into your skin layers to damage the hair follicle.

Keeping these things in mind prior to making your appointment for laser hair removal in Barrington can help you prepare for the procedure and maintain realistic expectations throughout the experience. All in all, this is an excellent service and one that makes millions of peoples’ lives easier each and every year. Visit the website for more information.