5 Available Types Of Women Wigs In Arizona

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Beauty Care

Women wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Some have lost their hair due to illness and some have thinning hair due to genetics. There are some women who wear wigs just so that they can change their look once in a while. If a woman is planning to visit a shop that sells Womens Wigs Arizona, she should know the types of wigs that are available.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are one of the most expensive types. They are designed so that the woman’s scalp shows through the lace. When the lace fits against the skin, it won’t be visible. These wigs have a monofilament top and they are tied back by hand. Of all the wigs available, lace front wigs are the most secure and natural looking option.

Monofilament Based Wigs

If a woman is looking for a breathable wig, this is the best option. The top is sheer and flesh tone, which makes it look like the woman’s natural scalp. This can make parting the wig look realistic. Monofilament based wigs are available in both human hair and fiber.

Machine Weft Wigs

If a woman is shopping for a wig on a budget, this is a great option because they are one of the least expensive. Machine weft wigs are heavier than other options and they are less breathable, however, these wigs still look very natural.

Hand-Tied Wigs

Hand-tied wigs are very light and very flexible. They are not as natural looking a lace front wigs but they are very close. These wigs can come with a soft lining or if the woman wants to spend a bit more money, she can buy one that is tied back by hand with a monofilament top.

Hair Extensions

If a woman is not losing her hair but she wants to add some length and fullness, she can go with hair extensions. There are hair extensions that clip into the hair and can be removed daily. There are also extensions that can be braided into the hair for a more permanent solution.

If a woman is shopping for Womens Wigs Arizona, there are several options to choose from. For more information, visit Donte’s of New York.

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