5 Signs That An Individual Needs Audiologic Testing In Lancaster PA

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Health

Hearing loss can affect a person at any age. In many cases, the individual won’t even realize that they are losing their hearing. It is important that a person knows the signs that they should see someone for audiologic testing in Lancaster, PA. The sooner the individual realizes that there is a problem, the sooner they can be treated.

Frequently Asking People to Repeat Themselves

If an individual finds that they are often asking people to repeat themselves because they could not hear what the person was saying, they should consider seeing someone for Audiologic Testing in Lancaster PA. The problem could occur most often with people with high pitched voices, such as children and women.

Difficulty Hearing in Noisy Places

If a person is in a place with a great deal of background noise, such as a crowded restaurant or in a car with the radio playing, and they have difficulty hearing the person talking to them, it could be a problem. This type of hearing issue can make it difficult for the individual to participate in social conversations, which can be upsetting. The sooner they have a hearing test, the better.

Frequently Turning Up the Volume

If an individual finds that they often need to turn up the volume on the television, even if other people in the room can hear it fine, they should contact a professional for a hearing test. This is a very common warning sign of hearing loss.

Ringing in the Ears

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is an early warning sign of hearing loss. It is not uncommon for a person to have ringing in their ears for a few seconds to a minute every once in a while, however, if the problem persists. They should be checked out by a professional.

Missing Out on Everyday Sounds

If an individual finds that they are often missing an alert from their cell phone or they don’t hear the birds outside their window as loudly as they used to, they should see a professional for a hearing test.

If an individual notices any of the above symptoms, they should see a professional to have their hearing checked. The professionals at Lancaster ENT can detect the early signs of hearing loss so that the individual can receive the necessary treatment.

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