A Review of Physical Therapist Clarks Summit PA Back Pain Relief

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Chiropractic

For one reason or the other, quite a number of people suffer from acute or chronic back pain. Sadly, most conventional treatment procedures do not seem to adequately address this problem. This leaves these unfortunate individuals in a tight position, which if their painful circumstances are not rapidly addressed, can give rise to a myriad of complications. However, all is not lost to such patients as there are alternative methods of combating such ailments like physical therapy, which when applied effectively, can significantly alleviate the pain and discomfort experienced by these individuals.

Over the years it has seemingly become mandatory for such patients to be initially referred to a physical therapist prior to contemplating other advanced treatment plans such as surgery. The major aims of physical therapy is to minimize the pain and discomfort experienced by patients, enhance their mobility, and finally induct them into an ideal physical sessions. This will in turn ensure that there is no relapse in the future.

Consequently, it is of significant import for anyone suffering from back pains to enlist the help of a competent physical therapist Clarks Summit PA. Such an expert will be in a position to assess the patient’s individual case, and also recommend the ideal therapy to counter the intense pain suffered. There are generally two types of such therapy: inactive physical therapy and active physical therapy. The former that usually precedes and follows active physical therapy, comprises of application therapies like electrical stimulus, heat or ice application, and a host of many other procedures. This therapy is designed to prepare a patient for an intense physical rehabilitation and afterwards relieve the strained back muscles.

Like earlier stated, a capable physical therapist will next induct the patient into the active physical session which is mainly concerned with establishing a fool-proof exercise regimen, which will normally alleviate the pain and discomfort of the patient. This type of therapy can consist of aerobic, strengthening or stretching exercises, which are geared to relieve the pain endured by the patient. An average of twenty minutes of the patient’s training schedule should be devoted to strengthening exercises which enhance the lumbar area stabilization. Although vigorous at the start, the exercises usually culminate in significant back pain alleviation.

A competent physical therapist will also lay a strong emphasis on the patient incorporating stretching exercises into the daily training session, that focus on the back muscles such as the hamstring. On top of this, a capable Visit the website also stresses on the importance of integrating some form of low-impact aerobic sessions such as swimming, cycling or even walking. Executing such exercises for a minimum forty minutes thrice a week can have a positive impact on back pain relief.

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