A Variety of Acne Treatments Are Available From a Dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA

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Acne is a very common skin problem, even among adults. It affects significantly more women than men, and about 70 percent of teenagers at some point. Anyone who is struggling with this skin condition may seek help from a Dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA, and doing so is particularly important for people with more serious forms of acne. Nodules, cysts and noticeable inflammation can be painful and some of the pimples may leave scars.

Age Range

Women and men usually are affected by acne that started at an earlier age and persists into the young adult years. Some, however, develop it for the first time as an adult. People of any age can experience lower self-confidence because of their acne breakouts and decide they want help from a dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA when over-the-counter remedies don’t work. Some individuals even develop chronic depression because they so intensely dislike how their skin looks.

Types of Blemishes

Cysts and nodules are most likely to leave scars, but other pimples occasionally leave mild scars like spots that are a bit darker than the rest of the skin. Whiteheads, red pimples and blackheads are more common and less severe than nodules and cysts, but someone with dozens of pimples is still likely to feel dismayed about his or her appearance.

Types of Medication

Dermatologists offer a variety of treatment options and customize the treatments for each patient. Prescription topical medications and oral medications are effective. Women may benefit from taking birth control pills because of the hormonal effects on skin. The doctor can advise patients about which over-the-counter solutions to continue with. Sometimes changing cleansers, hair products and cosmetics helps reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks.

Doctors such as Kirit K. Kothari, M.D., may prescribe antibiotics that kill anti-causing bacteria. Erythromycin and doxycycline are two examples of drugs that are effective for this purpose. A six-month course of treatment is usually prescribed. The oral medication isotretinoin is sometimes prescribed for exceptionally severe cases. Physicians prefer not to prescribe this drug because it has many possible side effects and causes birth defects if a woman taking it becomes pregnant. Get more information about this particular dermatologist at the website.

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