Asthma is Just One Reason to Seek Out Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH

by | May 11, 2017 | Health

Everyone should be concerned about asthma. There are over 235 million asthmatics in the world. The disease can occur at any age, but it often develops during childhood and from certain careers. But how does one become asthmatic and who should these people turn to? The answer lies with Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH.

The precise origins of asthma are not well known: it is both hereditary and linked to the environment. Often times, people know someone who has asthma and can see the troubles associated with the disease. Workers exposed to various chemicals (paint, hairdressing products, metals, etc.) may develop a type of asthma called “occupational asthma”. There are other so-called aggravating factors or triggers of asthma:

  *    Allergens: animal hair and feathers, dust, pollen, flowers, mites…

  *    Pollution: smoke, exhaust, tobacco

  *    Food additives (such as sulphites, found in many foods such as beer, sauces, sausages, etc.)

What are the signs to look for? Asthma is a lung disease that usually manifests itself in “crises”: all of a sudden, a person with asthma finds it hard to breathe, scratching and clawing to get a full breath of air. In fact, it is the wall of the bronchi (the pipes that pass the air a person breathes into their lungs) that narrows, which causes the person to start suffocating. The signs are different according to each person but it is always difficult to breathe. One can have an “attack” during the day but also at night. No matter when an attack occurs, it is best to seek care from a local Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH professional.

What if the asthma attack does not pass? If a person has been treated and it still does not pass, it is crucial to seek medical care immediately. Asthma can be fatal. It is a medical emergency if it is very difficult to breathe (the chest and the ribs sink with each breath); there is difficulty speaking or walking; lips and/or nails start to turn blue; or if the person loses consciousness.

Is there a treatment for asthma? Yes, there are treatments available because if the disease is not treated, it can be fatal. Medicines for treating asthma are usually inhalers. Click here for more information.

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