Cardio PET Scan Testing is Available in States Around the Country

by | May 14, 2021 | Health

No longer do you need to travel miles away from home for cardiac testing? Innovative PET scan cardiology mobile units now travel to many of the United States, making a diagnosis for earlier treatment possible for many patients.

PET What?

PET (positron emission tomography) scan cardiology is becoming more prevalent in helping to diagnose heart disease. It is a way for doctors to look inside a person’s body at the organ being examined and get a better idea of what’s going on. Cardiac Imaging, Inc., uses semi-trucks as their mobile examination rooms that house 3D PET scanner/imaging equipment to make cardiac care easier for the patients who may seriously need treatment.

Credentials of Medical Staff

The physicians and other medical staff associated with Cardiac Imaging are all appropriately credentialed for the states in which they work. Your physician is encouraged to take a look at your scans and discuss with the Cardiac Imaging physicians as they see fit.

Mobile and Fixed Capabilities

Most of their patients seek services from the traveling PET scan cardiology units, but some prefer the fixed sites available in some areas. The care is equally as caring and professional in either type of setting. Both mobile and fixed sites maintain pandemic protocol for the safety of patients and medical staff.

Make an Appointment for Your Cardiology PET Scan

Please see their website to set up an appointment with Cardiac Imaging, Inc. They will let you know when the next PET scan cardiology unit will be in your area.

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