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Caring for Your Feet by Visiting a Foot and Ankle Doctor in Bonita Springs

Whether there’s a health issue that you’re concerned about or you’ve experienced an injury to your foot or ankle, a visit to a podiatrist might be the best option to consider. When you visit a foot and ankle center in Bonita Springs, FL, the doctor will usually take X-rays of your foot and possibly perform other examinations to determine the severity of the issue presented. Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting a podiatrist that could result in the fastest treatment and follow-up care.

Medical History

When you get to the office, the podiatrist will want to gather details about your medical history. There are some health conditions that can impact the health of your feet, such as diabetes or past infections. Try to be as thorough as possible as the information you give can often make finding the proper treatment a bit easier.


The doctor will examine all areas of your foot to see if there are any signs of infections, hammertoes, or other issues that need to be treated. If there is a clear injury or other issues, such as eczema or cracks on the skin, then your doctor can order tests to determine the severity of the issue before a treatment plan begins.


A benefit of going to a foot and ankle center in Bonita Springs, FL, is that there are treatment options available that are specific to your feet. You could be prescribed a different type of shoes to wear or need to wear a boot to help with an injury.

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