Checking Your Eyes for Unusual Conditions by Visiting an Orlando Specialist

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Medical Specialties

Eyes are subject to a lot of disorders, but only a few may go undetected for years before a specialist notices something. If your own eye doctor at home isn’t sure what is happening with your eyes, it may be time to visit a specialist in Orlando, FL. A specialist can detect VNG the Orlando doctors say. VNG, or videonystagmography, is a special procedure used to detect nystagmus. Nystagmus is a very unusual eye condition where your eyes vibrate rapidly back and forth and it is hard to focus on what you see. Additionally, it can cause vertigo and other serious medical conditions. Here’s what you can expect from VNG Orlando specialists conduct to see if your eyes have this condition.

It’s Like Watching Strange TV, but With a Tracking Device

You will see very basic two-dimensional objects on a TV screen or computer screen. There is built-in software that tracks the movements of your eyes, even down to the smallest wiggle. If there is any rapid movement with almost negligible detection, this screen and its eye-tracking software can pick it up and record the test results.

VNG Detection Can Help Diagnose Vestibular Problems

Vestibular problems include the inner ear and the mechanisms that control balance and keep you upright. When your head feels like it is spinning, your eyes attempt to keep up, thus moving quite rapidly in the process. If you think you might have nystagmus, only VNG testing can prove it. Contact MD Diagnostic Specialists at

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