Chemical Dependency And Treatment

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Health

Drug and alcohol dependency treatment centers can help those that have become addicted, they can help the addict break the ongoing cycle of substance dependency and return to a substance free lifestyle. Chemical dependency treatment in Minnetonka can help those dealing with alcoholism, illicit drug use as well as prescription drug abuse.

Although science has yet to uncover the precise causes of chemical dependency, there are certain “commonalities” that tend to put a person at higher risk of addiction. Genetics tends to play a role as does the environment. Peer pressure, stress and family issues tend to play a role, people that suffer from certain mental disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression are often victims of substance abuse. It has been suggested by studies that a full fifty percent of those who become addicted also suffer a mental disorder.

The stages of dependency:

People rarely become addicted the first time they use a substance. The greatest majority of addictions come from social use and experimentation; the stages of substance dependency include:

* Experimentation: Occasional use, the user continues to be in control
* Regular use: The frequency of use accelerates, the beginning stages of tolerance appear resulting in more frequent need or a need for a higher dosage.
* Daily use: Becomes preoccupied with the substance, using it multiple times during the day; work, school and family relationships begin to suffer.
* Chemical dependency: Complete loss of control, the user’s health begins to deteriorate, psychological damage occurs. Relationships are often thrown by the wayside.

Treatment for addicted individuals:

Those that have reached the point where their substance abuse is out of control may need to commit themselves to chemical dependency treatment in Minnetonka. Outpatient treatment is an available option but usually is reserved for those in the early stages of addiction or as a gateway back to society once inpatient treatment has been completed.

For those attempting to deal with drug and alcohol abuse, chemical dependency treatment in Minnetonka is a must. To discuss the options available you are invited to contact the professionals at River Ridge.

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