Circumstances Of A Bampton Senior’s Health Often Require Tools Like A Rollator

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Health Care

As we age, the body develops structural problems we didn’t have in youth. The joints develop arthritis, the back sometimes can’t hold us upright, and the extremeties swell due to fluids buildup. These make it difficult for the body to walk, stand, and bend like it did in youth. Home health care products Brampton were made just for these eventualities.

How Do These Things Affect The Body?

Let’s say a senior has bad knees. In youth, the legs stride. In age, they shuffle. When the feet touch the ground heel first and then move to the toes, the legs and lower back are in good posture. In age, the heel doesn’t touch the ground first. The whole foot strikes the ground instead.

This movement provides no support for the knees and lower back. As a result, the knees and lower back encounter pain. Home health care products Brampton like canes and rollators help support the legs and lower back.

What Is A Rollator?

A walker is an inverted U shaped structure joined by struts. The elder picks it up and puts it down with each step s/he takes. This requires arm and wrist strength, something of which some seniors aren’t capable.

A rollator is the same structure basically, except it has wheels, a seat (sometimes with a basket beneath,) and brakes. The senior using a rollator moves at the pace suitable to his/her circumstances, complete with brakes to slow the progress if it gets too fast for the senior.

How Do Rollators Help Seniors Walk?

The senior rolls the walker along. It supports the senior while the feet and lower back regain and remain in good posture. Since a normal walker is picked up and put down, the body is tense and stressed performing the movement. Rollators take this stress off the senior body. If you or someone you love requires help walking, contact Woodland I.D.A. Pharmacy & Adapt Home Health Care to learn more.

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