Common Reasons Why Your Doctor Might Order You to Have an MRI

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Imaging Centers

After visiting your doctor about concerns related to your health, you might be ordered to have an MRI performed. There are a few common reasons why your doctor might order the scan that are a bit more prominent than others, such as concerns about your gallbladder or a possible kidney stone. Keep in mind that Orlando radiology centers will answer questions that you have and provide details about what you need to do during the scan and when you should receive your results.

Nervous System
Sometimes, the brain and spinal cord need to be examined to determine if there are any herniated discs in the spine or to see if there are any injuries to the brain. The MRI can often detect any issues with the vessels in the brain as well. Your doctor could ask that you go to one of the Orlando radiology centers if you exhibit signs of a stroke or cancer.

One way to determine if you’ve had a heart attack or if there are issues with your heart that could result in a heart attack in the future is by having an MRI performed. The scan can show if there are any blockages, which could then be treated with surgery. Heart disease can also be detected as well as fluid around your heart.

Skeletal System
There are numerous details that your doctor can look at pertaining to your skeletal system after having an MRI. Any kind of damage will usually show up, such as breaks or degenerative issues. This is a common scan performed if you’ve been in any kind of accident to determine if there are concerns with your bones or joints. Bone cancer can also be detected. Issues related to your neck and lower back area can be examined as well with the scan.

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