Considerations for Stairlifts in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Healthcare

Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA are available in several styles, price points, and features. There are options to suit a variety of needs, preferences, and conditions. It is crucial to find the right lift for the primary user. Experienced retailers and installers provide a free, in-home evaluation to take measurements, answer any questions, and discuss appropriate solutions.

What to Consider

The first consideration is the user. Any lift selected has to be comfortable, operated in a way that suits the capabilities, and safe. An elderly person with declining strength, for example, may not be able to grab a lever and hold it forward long enough for the lift to reach the top or bottom of the staircase. A push button control will be crucial in assisting that person in getting to the second floor.

Comfort is a relative term and means different things to different people. Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA come in basic models that are cost-effective. They also come in luxury models that rival a leather recliner. A person with thin skin will not be comfortable on a hard-bottom chair, so the soft fabric with some degree of cushioning will be selected.

Weight is another consideration that effects both safety and comfort. A large person will not be comfortable or safe on a narrow seat or a lift with a small motor. A larger motor will be needed to power the lift.

Special Features

It may be necessary to spend money on one or two special features depending on the circumstances under which the lift will be operated. If there are other occupants in the home, a seat that folds up when not in use allows others plenty of room to utilize the stairs. Pets or small children in the house may warrant an obstacle sensor. The lift will stop automatically if there is something in the way.

Try Out Some Stairlifts

Before making a final decision, it is wise to have the user try out some lifts. Demonstration models are on display at some medical supply stores and at large furniture showrooms. Getting an idea of how lifts operate will help users make informed decisions. Those in need of a stairlift can Visit the Website for more details, and schedule an in-home consultation.

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