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Controlled Release Nicotine: The Advantages of Nicotine Polacrilex USP

Many smokers find it is easier to quit the habit if they have a nicotine replacement therapy in place. This makes it less likely the smoker will relapse and go back to smoking.

Lots of people find there are many advantages to stopping smoking. These cover health issues and financial ones. However, few think of the advantages of using nicotine products that work using a controlled release method. These often include nicotine polacrilex USP.

Nicotine Stays in the System for Longer

If someone wants to quit smoking and they use nicotine gum or patches, they will benefit from ones that offer controlled release of nicotine. Imagine you chew some gum that contains nicotine polacrilex USP. The slow release nature of the product means the user will find the gum far more effective than if it released all its nicotine straightaway. This could well leave the user craving more soon afterwards.

Controlled Release Means More Chance of Quitting Successfully

If someone wishes to quit smoking, they may try and fail a few times before succeeding. Finding the right support methods is vital in helping that person attain the results they want.

Gum is easy to chew, accessible to most people, and makes stopping smoking far easier. The nicotine polacrilex USP contained in the gum makes it easier for smokers to become non-smokers. The gum will not contain any of the toxins or other harmful substances found in tobacco. By helping manage nicotine cravings, the gum will support the user in leaving their smoking habit behind.

Stopping smoking is far from easy. Yet many people have successfully done so. With products offering a controlled release hit of nicotine, quitting can potentially be easier than it would otherwise be. It is never easy to change your life but finding the right way to go about it does make it easier.