Drug Treatment Centers: Relapse-Prevention Planning in Florida

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Health

Addiction can be a constant struggle – even after rehab. No matter how intensive the program, the need for future help to prevent relapse is often essential. To help their patients avoid or at least decrease potential risks, drug treatment centers in Broward County and throughout Florida implement a drug relapse plan.

Relapse Prevention

After completing a drug rehab program, periodically, relapses can occur. A relapse refers to the period when an individual returns to substance use following a period of abstinence. If it is a one-off, it is a “slip.” If it occurs with greater frequency, it is a “binge.” No matter what type, a relapse should not prevent you returning to a drug-free life. What it might indicate is the need to address further the underlying issues or triggers resulting in the relapse.

Reputable drug treatment centers put into place an individualized relapse program to increase its effectiveness. They understand the following about relapses:

  • The majority of relapses happen during the initial 6 months following treatment
  • Motivations for relapsing vary. They may include emotional situations, environmental issues or even holidays
  • Relapses and the degree in which they occur differ for everyone

The specialists at the center in Broward County recognize the factors capable of contributing to a relapse. They utilize this knowledge to prepare a proactive relapse plan designed to help you protect your sober lifestyle. The experts work with you so you can recognize and overcome the signs and triggers capable of sending you back into substance abuse.

Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is a complex issue. Drug rehab centers in Broward County recognize this and factor it into their approach. They utilize the tools at hand – both pharmacological and psychological. They discover what is effective and implement it. Moreover, professionals realize the potential risk of relapsing. As a result, they work with each individual to ensure they have a relapse plan in place to address such a contingency.

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