Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment by Hattiesburg MS Gastroenterologists Provided for Patients

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In most cases, people can effectively treat painful, itchy hemorrhoids at home. Over-the-counter ointments, excellent hygiene and a change in diet usually do the trick. Men and women who have chronic problems with hemorrhoids may need surgery to resolve the problem. For this type of Hemorrhoid Treatment in Hattiesburg MS gastroenterologists can perform the operation, bringing relief to the patient.

About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels inside or around the outside of the rectum. They typically develop after a person strains to pass hard stools, especially when this is a frequent problem.

Conservative Treatment

Conservative treatment involves applying ointments that reduce swelling, eating more fiber and drinking plenty of water, and keeping the area clean. Briefly washing the area with wet toilet paper instead of just using dry paper is gentler and is a better hygiene strategy.

When these conservative methods do not work, for Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS residents can seek help from a gastroenterologist. The doctor may encourage the patient to try some other nonsurgical techniques before scheduling an operation. For example, a stool softener may be effective if extra hydration has not worked. Doctors typically do not want patients to start taking laxatives on a regular basis, however, as the body can become dependent on them.

Another possibility is to take warm baths containing Epsom salt. If the patient doesn’t have a bathtub or cannot easily bathe this way due to a disability, a sitz bath may be the answer. This small device fits in or over the toilet seat. When filled with warm water, it soothes the swollen vessels as the person rests the buttocks in the bath.

Laser and Surgical Options

A treatment at the clinic that works for individuals is laser therapy to shrink the hemorrhoids. For some men and women, though, surgery through an organization such as Hattiesburg G.I. Associates becomes necessary. A few different techniques resolve the problem. During a hemorrhoidectomy, the surgeon cuts away the enlarged areas. Other procedures involve stapling or tying off the blood supply to the affected area so that the hemorrhoids quickly shrink and no longer are a problem. Anyone interested in these possibilities may visit online.

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