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Ending Low Back Pain in Fargo, ND

Back pain is one of the leading causes of doctor and emergency room visits and absences from work. Lingering low back pain leads to inactivity, the overuse of OTC pain relievers and frustration. Professional help is needed when the problem continues to return or does not go away after a couple of weeks of rest and treatment. There are solutions that can take the pain away and make it possible to return to normal activities.

Low Back Pain in Fargo ND is partially blamed on modern life. More people have jobs that require them to spend multiple hours sitting each day. There is also the tendency of people to lead sedentary personal lives today as well. However, these are not all that is to blame for this common complaint.

• Stress is frequently a factor because it is something many people experience. Stress often leads to muscle tension and that can eventually become muscle pain.

• Unhealthy diets cause excess inflammation in the body and inflammation causes back pain. Many people that eat poorly also do not drink enough water. Over-consumption of alcohol or caffeine can dehydrate the body and cause a decrease in spinal fluid.

• Poor wardrobe choices may be the culprit. Tight pants and high heels are known to trigger pain in the lower back.

• Smokers statistically report higher rates of back pain. It not only can lead to pain by reducing circulation but may make the pain seem more intense by affecting brain signals.

Low Back Pain in Fargo ND is not something that should be ignored if it is a consistent problem. The majority of cases are caused by an injury or require some plan to recover. In some cases, however, the pain could be related to a health issue that needs treatment like a urinary tract infection or kidney disease. In many cases, the only solution is physical therapy. This will help to heal the problem and strengthen the muscles in the back to prevent further pain and injury. It is also a valuable way for people to learn how they can also reduce their future risks. Visit us to learn more about back pain treatment.

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