Finding the Right Family Practice in Andover, Kansas

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Health

Finding out that the family doctor is retiring and closing the practice rather than selling it means now is the time to find a new Family Practice in Andover Kansas. While care should be taken, there’s no reason why the process has to be a long and complicated endeavor. Here are some tips that will make it easier to find the best possible practice and ensure the needs of the family are met.

Characteristics Shared with the Former Physician

One of the reasons that the family stayed with the former family doctor for so many years was the way patients were treated. The fact that the doctor stayed up to date on the latest medical research also meant the family had access to the latest solutions that medicine had to offer. Without a doubt, the new Family Practice in Andover Kansas must be able to offer all of the benefits provided by the previous physician. Without them, it would be easy to feel as if the quality of care is not up to par.

Rapport With the Family Members

The staff at the new practice must be skillful in terms of making connections with the members of the family. This is especially true for the younger members of the family. Children are often intimidated at the prospect of seeing a doctor, even when they are ill. The fact that the people in the office, up to and including the attending physician, are able to establish a bond of trust and respect with the youngest member of the family is a good sign that the right choice was made.


It helps to have a family physician who can be called upon when some type of emergency arises. One that is open during standard business hours and remains open for an hour or two after the patient’s normal working schedule makes it easier to secure help without having to take time off work or rely on the good graces of the local emergency room.

If the search for a new family practice is on, contact the team of Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC today. Call and schedule an appointment for a checkup. During the visit, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. After talking with the doctor and the staff, and seeing them in action, there will be no need to keep looking.

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