Get Help from A Qualified Plantar Fasciitis Doctor In Jacksonville FL

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Podiatrist

Many of us take our feet for granted until there’s a problem. Suddenly, we realize that a foot problem will impact every aspect of our lives. It may sound like a ‘minor’ medical issue to others, but when every step hurts it is not a ‘minor’ problem.

Plantar fasciitis falls into that category. It’s not a life-threatening ailment, but it is a life-changing one. It can happen to an athlete or a couch potato and is the most common reason for heel pain.

The heel pain is normally caused because the bottom of the foot has become inflamed. There is a ligament (the plantar fascia) that connects toes to the heel bone and supports the arch of the foot. When this ligament becomes strained, it causes the pain felt when standing or walking. There are many reasons for this: walking improperly, wearing the wrong shoes, flat feet, high arches, being overweight or tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons. Spending a lot of time standing, walking or running on a hard surface is often the cause.

There is no one-cure-fits-all treatment, but there are a few things worth trying. Give the feet some rest. Putting ice on the heel gives some pain relief. Avoid spending too much time on hard surfaces. If standing on concrete is unavoidable, standing on a rubber mat instead of directly on the concrete may help. Stretching exercises for the calf and toes first thing in the morning is a good idea and should be repeated throughout the day. It is usually necessary to get a new pair of properly fitted shoes with a cushioned sole and arch support. Shoe inserts or heel cups are often beneficial. (Even if only one foot is painful, use them for both feet.) Seek the assistance of a qualified plantar fasciitis doctor in Jacksonville FL if the pain continues.

First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic is the place to go for people who are serious about taking care of their feet. The staff are all experienced professionals. Anyone with a serious foot ailment such as plantar fasciitis needs a experienced plantar fasciitis doctor in Jacksonville FL. Visit them today.

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