How Can an Allergy Specialist in Birmingham, AL Help With Asthma and Hay Fever?

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Health

Regardless of the type of allergy, an asthmatic reaction can occur if irritants are inhaled. In every human being, irritants can cause an asthma attack very easily. An Allergy Specialist in Birmingham, AL will determine how a sufferer is affected.

When does an allergy attack occur?

The hypersensitive mucus membranes react, even if they are minimally irritated. This especially occurs in people who smoke and who are around people who smoke. Even if a sufferer is in the vicinity of a smoker, and the smoke is inhaled only in small quantities, it could cause a shortness of breath.

Other irritant substances include dust, cold air, very hot air, etc. When you start to whistle or wheeze during running, sport, or cycling, it is often because the cold outside air is not adequately moistened in the nasopharynx and warmed up before it enters the respiratory tract or bronchi of the lungs. Some people call this type of reaction “exertion asthma.”

There are cases where asthma becomes an issue if a person suffers from severe lung disease. For instance, a person who suffered from pneumonia may now have allergies or asthma. This is because the bronchial mucous membrane is still very sensitive or hypersensitive to all possible stimuli for a long time after the acute inflammation is gone. Usually, this disappears after a while but, sometimes, further treatment needs to be done.

Which medications can treat asthma? Are there any unpleasant effects?

Asthma in children and adolescents can be treated with inhalations or pills. For the most part, an Allergy Specialist in Birmingham, AL will try a series of treatments to find the best one. One option can be inhaled with the help of an inhaler or a metered dose inhaler. Effective substances are inhaled cortisone preparations.

A drug called “Singulair,” which comes in a tablet form, is used either alone or in combination with a cortisone preparation. Most children over six years of age that have severe asthma are treated year-round. No matter what medicine is used, it is best to see a specialist regularly.

Controllers get their name because they control the state of inflammation during an asthma attack. As a rule, the side effects, if one follows the recommendations of the doctor, are quite rare.

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