How Can an Optometrist in Boise Help You?

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Healthcare

An optometrist in Boise is a qualified healthcare expert certified to identify, diagnose, and treat illnesses and disorders associated with the eyes and vision system as a whole. It is recommended that you consult a local optometrist in Boise, such as Clear Eye Total Eye Care, if you feel there is something wrong with your eyes or vision.

Except for eye surgery, optometrists perform the same eye care procedures that ophthalmologists do. They work in clinics, hospitals, teaching institutes, and on research projects. They provide major services in clinical practice and hospitals, offering people the eye health care they need.

Role of Optometrists in Clinics

Clinical optometrists solve the problems of people with eye diseases and disorders. The patient’s eyes are examined and diagnosed, then the optometrist reviews their entire medical history to learn everything about their eye problems. The patient’s vision is checked for refractive errors, and the optometrist performs a visual acuity test to evaluate eyesight. Patients are then prescribed glasses or contact lenses according to their eye condition to help them get proper vision.

How Often Should You Visit an Optometrist?

Your eye health is very important, and you should regularly visit an optometrist in Boise to avoid major damage. Even if you don’t feel anything wrong with your vision or eyes, seeing an optometrist can help you diagnose problems that have no symptoms. If you are above 40, visit your eye care provider on a regular basis. Young adults should visit the optometrist for a complete check-up once in their 20s and twice in their 30s.

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