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How Do Ayurveda Checkups Work?

By pursuing Ayurvedic healing, you will be setting yourself down a much healthier path than you may have ever experienced before. However, if this is your first time booking a session at an Ayurveda hotel or similar facility, you may be wondering exactly what to expect. This blog will give you some of the basic details on how the average first Ayurveda appointment will go.


“Darshana” translates to “direct observation.” This is the very first phase of your visit, and will involve a doctor or another professional member of the Ayurveda hotel staff simply examining you from head to toe. The purpose of this is to get a sense of how healthy you are, so they will know what areas need the most attention throughout your treatment.


“Sparsha” means “touch.” After glancing you over, the professional will next need to familiarize themselves with you by giving you a physical exam. You may be required to submit lab work, but this isn’t a guarantee. At minimum, you can expect the Ayurveda hotel professional to feel around your mouth, nails and pulse points. You will generally be touched and listened to via stethoscope.


Finally comes the last part of your Ayurveda checkup. The name of this stage translates to “questions.” The professional will want to know your own thoughts and concerns about your health so they can get the best possible idea of how to treat you. You will be interviewed on your mental well being as well as any physical ailments you may be dealing with. Through this information, the professional can devise a care plan to bring you back up to optimum health.

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