How Drug Treatment Centers Help Cure Addictions

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Health

Drug treatment centers can help cure addictions in two ways. The two main methods employed by drug treatment centers are medication treatments, and other sorts of therapy, like psychotherapy (talk therapy).

Drug treatment facilities can effectively detox an individual so that they are free of drugs. Such facilities also may provide medications to assist the person in staying off drugs. There are various forms of medications which can be used. Treatments include medications for opiate addiction, alcoholism, as well as for addictions to amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana.

One main purpose of medication treatment for drug addiction is to reduce the individual’s cravings for the drugs. By doing so, the person can start thinking about reasons why they take drugs or abuse alcohol in the first place. This can be especially helpful when one is preoccupied with taking drugs and becoming intoxicated and cannot think of anything else.

Other forms of therapy are available to treat addictions. These include various forms of counseling, like 12 step programs, narcotics anonymous, alcoholics anonymous, group therapy and family therapy. Many find that being able to talk either with a therapist on a 1:1 basis is extremely beneficial. Others might say, they get more out of sharing their feelings in a group setting.

Since many think addictions are a “chronic disease”, often the individual will need treatment(s) for a long period of time. The key to treatment is to avoid a lethal overdose and to function better, until the person can rid themselves of addicting substances.

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