How Physical Therapists Help Patients With Lower Back Treatment in Fargo, ND

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Health

Lower back pain is a very common ailment. People who are dealing with chronic pain may want to seek Lower Back Treatment in Fargo ND from a clinic offering physical therapy services. With the right kinds of activity, they can reduce symptoms and perhaps even eliminate the discomfort over time. Although it’s tempting just to rest when back pain is bothersome, performing certain types of exercises is more beneficial for recovery.

Exercise Programs

Physical therapists create customized programs for each patient they see. Lower Back Treatment in Fargo ND may focus on strengthening the abdominal core as well as the back. Exercises that help with this goal and build more flexibility are especially advantageous. Depending on the patient, equipment such as exercise balls and weights may be used.

Patients are usually instructed to complete an exercise program at home in addition to sessions at the clinic. They can consult the therapist to determine whether the activities they’ve previously enjoyed are suitable during the treatment phase. For instance, they might wonder whether they should indulge in bike riding, swimming, or Pilates. In the past, they may have pursued these activities regularly but stopped because of their low back pain.

Back Pain Triggers

Patients should be aware of factors that can trigger or worsen back pain. Feeling stressed much of the time is a risk factor, so it’s important to find ways to relax and maintain a sense of calmness. Some men and women find that massage is a helpful complementary therapy. Massage loosens tight muscles and promotes relaxation, both of which help relieve back pain.


A physical therapist with a clinic like RehabAuthority also may address issues of posture at home and at work. For instance, if the patient works on a computer all day while sitting at a desk, ergonomic seating and a keyboard tray are essential. If the person is on her feet all day working on an assembly line or as a nurse, practicing posture may help prevent future episodes of back pain. Wearing shoes with adequate support is important too. Visit us the website to see information on this particular clinic.

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