How to Choose a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Clinics and Practitioners

When you’re searching for an option for drug or alcohol rehab, it may be difficult to determine which treatment centers are best suited to your needs. Here’s how to choose between Fort Lauderdale treatment centers and get the right fit for you or your loved one’s recovery needs:

Determining Your Admittance Needs

Do you or your loved one need to be admitted to a treatment center to get effective treatment? This may be a decision that you can make on your own or one that you might need the help of your medical provider to make. Regardless, there are several factors to consider when choosing short-term or long-term residential addiction treatment.

Are you able to commit to a recovery program that lasts more than thirty days? Do you need intensive medical treatment and counseling for your addiction? Are you considering going somewhere far from home to check into a recovery center? If you answered yes to these questions, long-term residential treatment might be best for you.

If you’re better able to commit to a shorter term – such as a few days to two weeks – and have less intensive medical and counseling needs, you may be better suited to a short-term residential program that focuses more on detox.

What is Your Schedule Like?

Are you a very busy person? Do you have many familial or personal obligations that you cannot cancel or forgo, such as child or elder care? Do you have a full schedule of school or work obligations? If so, your treatment program of choice might be outpatient care. These programs allow participants to come and go as they need to – either freely or on a schedule, depending on the type of treatment program you’re participating in.

Another option might be drug counseling. Taken in either group counseling sessions or individual meetings. This type of treatment is best for continuing or ongoing care or as a supplement to other types of treatment. If you’re not sure which type of addiction treatment is best for you or your loved one, talk to your primary care doctor or an addiction specialist today.

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