How to Choose a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in South Bay

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Health

Medical marijuana dispensaries have become a dime a dozen in the San Francisco Bay area. Medical patients shouldn’t just choose the first one they happen upon, as not all of them are legitimate, and even those that are legitimate do not always provide the same quality of products. Follow the simple tips below to find the best Medical Marijuana Dispensary in South Bay.

Health and Safety

There are health and safety regulations in place for the medical marijuana industry for a reason. All dispensaries should provide a clean environment for their patients, and all of their marijuana products should be grown, handled, and stored correctly according to industry-appropriate methods. Legitimate providers of medical marijuana will not record patients’ names but will take down information such as the type of marijuana that has been sold, how much of it was sold, and the birth date of the patient buying it.

High Quality

The best way to check the quality of medical marijuana is to buy a small amount of it and use it. However, both word-of-mouth reviews and online testimonials from other customers can be helpful when deciding whether or not to try a new product. Obviously, though, regardless of what others say about it, patients who have purchased multiple products from their Medical Marijuana Dispensary in South Bay that have been sub-par might want to look for a new dispensary.

Convenient Location

Choose a medical marijuana dispensary that is conveniently located either close to home, close to work, or near other frequented areas. Not only do most patients need to stop in to purchase new products fairly regularly, but many also appreciate the opportunity that shopping local gives them to head in to ask questions about different strains, dosages, and other particulars.

Good Selection

There are many strains of medical marijuana, and they are used to treat different conditions. Patients should be sure the medical dispensary they choose has an array of choices so they can be sure to find a product that works for them. Many dispensaries now carry everything from edibles to topical creams as well as unadulterated marijuana.

Make the Switch Today

Medical marijuana patients local to the South Bay may be interested to learn more in the Barbary Coast Collective. They offer a wide variety of products sold in a warm and welcoming environment.

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