How to Manage Family Life in Charleston, SC, When your Child Has ADHD

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Health Care

Family life after ADHD testing in Charleston, SC, for your child or teenager can seem frustrating and overwhelming. But as the parent guiding your child through daily challenges, you can use positive energy to bring calm into the household.

Preparing your child or teenager for a successful life starts early with consistent support.

Parenting a Child with ADHD

Generally, children with ADHD have deficits in planning and thinking ahead. They have difficulty controlling impulses and completing tasks. This means you must take over and give your child extra guidance as they gradually acquire their own skills.

Also, keep in mind that your child or teenager is not willfully trying to ignore, embarrass or annoy you. They want to sit quietly but they do not know how to without guidance.

How ADHD Can Affect Your Family

Successfully parenting a child or teenager with ADHD also requires understanding the impact this diagnosis has on your entire family. Behaviors that disrupt family life can make siblings feel invisible because less attention is placed on their needs.

Stick to an Established Structure

Creating and sustaining structure in your home can help both your child with ADHD and their siblings. Predictable patterns can help them complete tasks when you implement things such as:

• Simplifying schedules

• Create quiet places

• Use timers and clocks

Get the Support You and your Family Need

Compassion, patience and plenty of support can help you manage having a child or teenager with ADHD. Neighbors Pediatrics is your community source for providing loving care. Visit to learn more about ADHD testing in Charleston, SC, and having a happy, stable home.

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