How To Use Pure CBD Tincture

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Health

A fast, effective, and very simple way to use CBD products on a daily basis, or as needed throughout the day, is to choose a pure CBD tincture. This is sometimes a confusing term but think of it as a blend of CBD broad-spectrum hemp extract combined with a carrier liquid and, in some cases, a flavoring.

The Use of Pure CBD Tincture

The pure CBD tincture comes in a convenient bottle with a dropper. To use the tincture, simply place a dropper of the liquid under the tongue and hold for up to minute to allow the CBD to be absorbed through the blood vessels. This method eliminates the breakdown of CBD if it is consumed with food and goes through the digestive system.

However, a CBD tincture can also be added to water, juice, or other types of food items. High heat can destroy the beneficial compounds in CBD products, including tinctures and oils, so apply after cooking or when cooking is completed on low heat.

Keep in mind, for the most precise dosage, the sublingual or under the tongue method of administration of the CBD tincture is the most recommended.

Options and Flavors

As with most types of CBD products, different dosage levels are available. The strongest is not always the best for all people, so first-time users may want to start with a lower dosage and determine their ideal range.

Flavors of CBD tincture vary based on the manufacturer. Most producers offer a natural or unflavored option, but some companies may a range of flavors from citrus to peppermint or delicious blueberry options.

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