How You Can Combat Hair Loss

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Hair Restoration

As mammals, there is hair all over our bodies. We have a tendency to hate the hair and shave it off, except for what grows on our scalp. As humans, a healthy head of hair is a sign of confidence and beauty. What do you do when that hair starts to thin and possibly fall out, causing baldness? There are many was to combat hair loss, including Hair Transplant treatment in New York.

Of course diet plays a key role into keeping your hair healthy and growing. Make sure you are hydrated and eating balance nutrition every day. Limit your sodium intake and junk food, as it causes harm to your skin and in turn to your hair.
There are some supplements that can be taken to increase productivity of key vitamins and minerals. According to WebMD, lavender, rosemary and zinc are three areas that could possibly help improve hair loss. Also, a lack of vitamins A, B and D can increase hair loss, so make sure to get your fill of these vitamins.

Are you a very stressful person? This might affect your hair loss dramatically. Without even knowing it, you might be gripping, clawing or otherwise grabbing onto your hair while stressed out. The stress hormone also might be increasing your hair loss. Get your stress under control. Examine all you do in life and cut things out. See a therapist or take up yoga. Find your Zen.

Hair treatment
How do you treat your hair? Some of us like to do wild styles and colours, but when you are losing hair, these things can’t be done in order to save the healthy hair. Cut down on the amount of heat you expose your hair to through blow-drying and other tools, reduce dyeing hair and take note to how you are styling, such as tight ponytails and buns.

Other treatments with doctors
Sometimes, despite changes in diet, habit and stress, hair loss is still inevitable. It could be hereditary or a more serious condition. This is why you should go to a dermatologist so they can diagnose your case. There are many more extensive treatments you can receive through the doctors, including laser therapy and Hair Transplant in New York.

There are medications the doctor might prescribe or they might suggest an over-the-counter treatment such as Rogaine at first. If this doesn’t work, surgeries such as scalp reduction or skin flap surgery might be tried, though they are less common. The most common is hair grafts for Hair Transplant New York. This is when the doctors remove healthy hair from one part of your head and place it on the balding spot, with the hopes that the healthy hair will continue to grow in that spot.

When it comes to hair, health is a key part of maintaining a full head. Sometimes, that isn’t all that is needed, and other treatments are needed. Consult your doctor if you are having problems.

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