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Is Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Right For All Las Vegas, NV, Patients?

For people in Las Vegas, NV, trying to cope with chronic conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, joint degeneration, lupus or other autoimmune diseases, the option of a new, non-prescription medication type of treatment is very exciting.

Most people with these conditions should discuss the option of regenerative stem cell therapy for the management or treatment of their condition. This process uses ethically harvested adult stem cells that are injected into the body at the sight of pain, inflammation or disease, and mesenchymal stem cells heal the area from the inside out.

The use of regenerative stem cell therapy continues to expand into the treatment of a greater number of conditions and diseases. Research continues to show progress in treating even the most challenging conditions including multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. While still in the clinical research stage, this is a positive discovery for people all over the world.

Medical Approval by a Qualified Doctor

Before anyone in Las Vegas, NV, starts regenerative stem cell therapy it is essential to have a full examination by a medical doctor at the clinic with experience, training, and expertise in the use of stem cells.

This is a generally safe procedure, but with any medical procedure, there are always some limited risks. The doctor always reviews the patient’s full medical history, including any current diagnoses and the use of any prescription medications before recommending the use of the therapy.

Time Considerations

The injection of the stem cells causes the body to grow cells and heal itself. This does take time, with most patients feeling the maximum benefits about three months after the treatment.

For many patients, current pain medications or other prescription medications may need to be continued until their use is no longer recommended by the treating physician.