Is Your Pet Having Trouble Eating? Pet Dentistry In Fort Wayne, Indiana Might Be The Answer

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Veterinarians

Many caring pet owners don’t realize that their beloved pet requires Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana. They might notice that their pet isn’t munching their dry food with relish or spot a broken tooth without realizing the severity of their pet’s problem. Pet dentistry could be the solution when the pet is experiencing pain and could even have a life-threatening condition.

Signs of a Serious Dental Problem

Pets retain their survival instincts and conceal signs of pain; in the wild, an injured animal is most likely to be attacked. Look for these signs to alert you to a problem:

*    Loss of appetite;

*    Changed eating habits;

*    Waking or crying at night;

*    A swollen face;

*    Rubbing their face against objects.

Bacterial Endocarditis

When animals develop cavities or gum disease, bacteria spread and release toxins into the blood stream. These toxins are carried by the blood to other parts of the body, particularly the heart and heart valves, causing a serious condition known as bacterial endocarditis. If a pet’s oral cavity and teeth are kept clean, the chances of this developing are severely reduced. The bacterial toxins can also cause damage to the kidneys or joint problems.

A Loose Tooth

A loose tooth could be caused by a blow to the mouth or advanced gum disease. In either case, an extraction may be necessary.

A Broken or Cracked Tooth

Dogs can break or crack a tooth when they bite on something hard. This can expose the tooth’s nerve; that hurts. At times, the nerve will die, temporarily ending the pain. However, bacteria can cause a painful infection to develop.

Talk to the vet anytime a tooth appears broken or cracked, even if it doesn’t seem to be hurting. Treatments include extraction, a root canal or a vital pulpotomy, a procedure normally performed on young dogs with otherwise good teeth.

An Abscess

An abscess is an extremely painful – and serious – infection caused by an advanced periodontal disease. Many pets with an abscess stop eating entirely and have a swollen face. The veterinarian may extract the tooth or try to save it with a root canal. Normally, the pet will also be given antibiotics.

Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana could help to relieve your pet’s pain and restore health. The Dupont Veterinary Clinic takes your pet’s health and safety very seriously. Visit the website to learn more and contact the vet.

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