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Medical Care – How to Heal Diabetic Ulcers Faster with ActiGraft

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can affect different parts of your body. If you have diabetes, then you can develop diabetic ulcers. Treatment goals for diabetic ulcers are to heal the wound as soon as possible. Read on to find out how to activate the body’s natural healing process with ActiGraft.

Chronic Wounds

Diabetic ulcers can cause a patient to develop a chronic wound. This ulcer is an open sore and vulnerable to infection. If left untreated, then it can lead to amputating the body part.

How Does ActiGraft Works?

This wound healing solution allows health care providers to create in vitro blood clots from the patient’s blood. These blood clots can be placed on the chronic wound to initiate the natural healing process. The human skin is capable of healing itself when injured.

Appropriate Treatment

There are several steps involved in wound healing of diabetic ulcers. These treatment steps include managing blood glucose, preventing infection, applying dressings and medication to the ulcers, taking pressure off the area, and removing dead skin.

Patients also must be aware of the changes in their bodies. When an ulcer is noticeable, they should seek medical care immediately. Immediate care prevents infection and amputation.

Diabetic ulcers heal slowly and often do not heal. The problem comes from something impeding the flow of blood to the wound. This lack of blood prevents the body’s natural healing process from activating. Contact at for your wound healing solution!