Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA Help People Regain Their Independence

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Health

People who can no longer climb stairs safely benefit from the installation of Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA. Without this equipment, they no longer would be able to get up to the second story of their home, which can be problematic. For example, in some homes, all the bedrooms are on the second floor. Most homeowners cannot have an elevator installed in the house, so a stair lift is the best option.

About the Equipment

Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA include a chair that runs up and down on a track. They generally travel at about 20 feet per minute, making the speed comfortable while not being so slow as to make the person feel impatient. The equipment can travel up and down very long staircases and can be set up to traverse landings along the way.

Regaining Independence

With equipment installed by a supplier such as McArdle Surgical, a disabled individual regains some lost independence. Even someone who has lost some ability in both the legs and arms can use the stair lift when another person in the home helps with a wireless remote. If the person needs to use a wheelchair, a second one can be kept on the upper floor.

Available Models

Different types of products are available since consumers have different needs and body sizes. Stair lifts generally can only hold someone who weighs 350 lbs. or less. The width of the stairway should be at least 29 inches. It may need to be even wider if the individual is exceptionally tall since the chair fits sideways along the stairway.

Concluding Thoughts

An alternative to walking up and down stairs makes life much easier for someone who now has difficulty with this or has completely lost the ability. Even a relatively short stairway may be too hard to navigate without the lift. A bi-level or tri-level house might only have staircases with five or six steps, for example.

Anyone who is interested may visit the website to learn more about this equipment. An initial consultation is provided in which a representative comes to the home and evaluates the stairway and determines which products would be most suitable. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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