Options for a Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield, OH

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Healthcare

Losing a hand is a traumatic experience, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to do without the use of that hand. There are a variety of different options available to choose from for a Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield OH. Understanding the options can make it easier to decide which type of prosthetic might be best in any given situation.

Active Full Hand

One of the most functional options is an active full hand. These prosthetic devices work by using electronics to detect the electrical signals that occur when certain muscles are used, which tell the prosthetic hand to move. Many can look similar to a real hand and can be used to grasp or hold an object and be used with enough control over the strength of the grip to hold even more delicate objects.

Electrically or Body-Powered Alternatives

An electrically powered prosthesis is operated through the use of motors that allow the hand to open and close and the wrist to rotate, making it possible to have a little more control than a body-powered device, which is harnessed to the upper body or shoulder of a person and controlled by moving the shoulder.

Passive Functional Hand

For those who prefer not to use a Prosthetic Hand in Mansfield OH that contains electronics, there are also options that don’t involve any mechanical or electronic parts that can be made to look almost real. They can even be made to look like a person’s real skin. They have a much more limited functionality, however, compared to an active full hand prosthetic device. They can be used mainly to support, push or pull, but not to grip or grasp objects.

Specific Activity Prosthetics

Those who love particular sports or need to do specific activities for their job will sometimes get prosthetic hands that don’t look like real hands, but that are optimized to make that activity easier. These hands can make it possible to play musical instruments, participate in heavy workouts or on sports teams, use various tool attachments or take part in a hobby. The hand may look more like a hook or may be designed to slide over the handle of a bike or an oar. There are a wide variety of options available from the various companies that provide these devices.

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