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by | May 27, 2019 | Health

If you have received a soft tissue injury, you need to practice the RICE method to make sure that the swelling goes down and the pain subsides. This should be undertaken for about two days to check for improvement. RICE is an acronym that stands for “Rest,” “Ice,” “Compression,” and “Elevation.” This is the usual at-home treatment recommended for an injury such as a sprain, muscle pull, muscle tear, or strain.

Resting After You Have Suffered a Sprain

After suffering from a sprained ankle, for instance, you need to rest the ankle or lie down or sit for a spell. Walking on the ankle will only damage the tissue further. You also need, as noted, to apply ice to minimize the swelling. Wrap the ice at the site in a towel and apply it for 15 minutes and take it off for 15 minutes repeatedly to reduce the risk of skin damage. Orthopedic doctors in Panama City, FL state that applying ice will reduce the circulation and therefore reduce the swelling.

Using Compression to Reduce Swelling

You also need to use compression. Compression involves wrapping the site with a tight bandage such as an Ace bandage. Just make sure that you do not compress it too tightly. If you feel tingling, numbness, or swelling below the bandaged area, you need to loosen the covering. Orthopedic doctors add that you need to make adjustments immediately if you feel the above-mentioned sensations.

Elevate the Injury

Keeping the injured site above the level of the heart should help as well. Do this when you are lying down or sitting. For example, if you have sprained your ankle, orthopedic doctors suggest that you prop the ankle on some pillows, so it is higher than the chest. Doing so should cause the swelling to subside.

Who to Contact for Help

If you are still having trouble with swelling and pain after applying the RICE technique for 48 hours, you need to contact a practice such as Panhandle Orthopaedics. You can feel brand-new again when you seek care from a top provider in orthopedic medicine. Whether you suffer from arthritis or have a soft tissue injury, you need to have access to orthopedic services in your community.

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