Partner Services to Look for From an Occupational Medical Clinic in Houston for Businesses

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Medical Clinic

Businesses are always looking for opportunities to grow and boost productivity amongst their employees. As an employer, you may have been suggested to work with an occupational medical clinic to protect your employees’ health and achieve those goals more quickly.

But what is an occupational medical clinic, and what services should you expect from one?

What Is an Occupational Medical Clinic?

An occupational medical clinic has health specialists who provide medical care for workers who suffer from work-related illnesses and injuries. They excel in preventive medicine and are concerned with workers’ utmost safety, health, and performance.

Qualities to look for when selecting partners in an occupational medical clinic in Houston also works with businesses, employers, employees, insurers, public health workers, safety manager / safety professionals, and regulators to create a safer workplace for everyone.

How Does an Occupational Medical Clinic Help Your Business?

Did you know that the cost of medical payments for employees who suffer an injury in the workplace or need treatment for a persisting illness is four times less than the cost of that employee’s absence? This loss of productivity is harmful to any business.

An occupational medical clinic facilitates businesses through clear communication, providing employees with useful information on how to protect themselves from various workplace injuries.

On top of that, any worker suffering from a symptom can contact the medical clinic. A physician can diagnose and treat the health issue, so there’s no loss of employee productivity. Physicians also provide status reports and health details on all employees to their managers.

Partners to an occupational medical clinic in Houston may also offer several occupational health programs that businesses can benefit from immensely. Health programs include a variety of services. Examples of services provided by occupational medical clinics include:

  • Health risk assessment
  • First aid workshops
  • Classes on protecting your health in the workplace
  • Health coaching
  • Weight loss and fitness programs
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Healthy activity programs for desk-job-centric offices

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