Pediatric Urgent Care in San Diego for Better Care

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Health

Children it seems have mastered the art of getting sick, or injured when the doctor’s office is done for the day. Unfortunately, many times a trip to the emergency room is in order, but that can open an entirely new can of worms. Pediatric urgent care in San Diego is a much better option. The misery of a sick child is only compounded by long waits in the ER that is built for adults.

Why is the Emergency Room a Bad Choice for Care?

The average wait in the emergency room can be from 4-6 hours sometimes longer. In many cases, you do not need
“emergency care” for your child but the situation is “urgent” so you need “urgent care”. One of the reasons that the wait is so long in the emergency room of the local hospital is because the doctor on staff is not a pediatrician. Unless the emergency is life threatening and the child must have immediate lifesaving procedures most emergency room doctors prefer not to treat a child because they are not trained to do so. An emergency is an acute condition with sudden onset.  It is supposed to be used to get a patient out of immediate danger, it is not the place to go for treatment.

Pediatric Urgent Care in San Diego the Better Choice

While emergency room doctors may not consider your child’s raging ear infection life threatening, it is an emergency for you and your child. Urgent care that focuses on treating pediatric emergencies is the ideal setting to get the care that your child needs because:

  • The wait time is substantially less because there are pediatricians and providers that specialize in treating children
  • The care is more focused with quicker diagnosis
  • The treatment begins sooner
  • The child is in an atmosphere that was made especially for them

Hopefully you will not need to use it but Children’s Primary Care Medical Group offers pediatric urgent care after hours!

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