Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain in Fargo, ND After a Vehicle Accident

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Health

Neck and upper back pain are common occurrences after a car accident, especially one in which a car is struck from behind. However, Low Back Pain in Fargo ND also may develop after a vehicle accident. The person may feel fine for a few days and then wake up with a backache, wondering whether the collision was responsible. This individual may benefit from physical therapy sessions that help the body heal more rapidly.

Physical Therapy After a Back Injury

Physical therapy helps strengthen and stabilize the back muscles and other soft tissues after an injury. Depending on the situation, a hairline fracture may have occurred in a vertebral bone. This can be confirmed by an X-ray. All these circumstances can cause significant Low Back Pain in Fargo ND. The sooner the injured person begins therapy sessions, the easier it will be for the body to heal. The pain definitely should not be ignored.

A Customized Program

Exercising decreases stiffness and can reduce back pain. However, it’s essential for the person to participate in specific types of exercises or the pain can actually worsen. Physical therapists design customized programs for their patients. Those programs include activities that are known to be helpful for the condition the patient is dealing with and to avoid exercises that could cause more problems. The therapists also can advise patients on which activities to avoid in general.

Time Frame

Traumatic injuries to the back can take weeks to heal. Although this can be frustrating, continuing with physical therapy sessions at a facility such as RehabAuthority is important. The patient may need to begin with gentle exercise and gradually progress to more intensive activity. In some cases, simply walking around a treatment room or practicing climbing up and down one stair step is the initial form of exercise.

Keep Moving

It can be tempting to avoid exercise and normal movement when someone is dealing with a debilitating backache. But, too much rest tends to make the symptoms worse when the person does need to get up and move around. Information on one particular physical therapy organization can be seen at.

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