Preparing for Foot Surgery in Kenosha, WI

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Podiatry

There are many treatments and devices that offer rehabilitation and aid for foot conditions. Unfortunately, not all patients are able to be helped adequately in this manner. When the pain continues after treatment, the only solution that remains is to undergo surgery. Foot Surgery in Kenosha WI is necessary for relatively common conditions like bunions and more complex issues like arthritis and problems with the Achille’s tendon. The surgeon performing the procedure will instruct patients on preparing for the surgery and what to expect during recovery based on what is being done. However, there are some common things everyone should do when they have a surgery scheduled.

A few weeks prior to the surgery every patient should stop using any type of nicotine product because nicotine is known to slow the healing process. Avoid taking aspirin because it is a blood thinner and could prevent blood from clotting as needed. All patients should prepare their homes to make it easy to use crutches, a walker or wheelchair during their recovery. This includes moving tripping hazards like area rugs and having a bedroom for themselves on the ground floor. Most patients will need assistance to get home after their surgery and many will require certain medical supplies and devices.

The supplies could include gauze and bandages or compression stockings. Orthopedic devices may have been suggested as well as crutches, canes or other items to assist with mobility. It is also a good idea to have discussed if physical therapy is needed and when it should start. Knowing this in advance will make it easier to get a referral (if needed) or to find a therapist and schedule the first few sessions.

Foot Surgery in Kenosha WI will often eliminate the discomfort the patient has endured for a long time. With the right aftercare and by following the instructions of the doctor and rehabilitation specialist, many people become more mobile, steadier on their feet and much more comfortable in a very short period of time. If foot issues have been a constant source of discomfort or anyone with circulation problems or diabetes should click here to investigate more info.

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