Reasons to Seek Treatment From an Orthopedic Doctor in Hoover, AL

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Health

As you grow older, your bones may no longer have the strength that they did when you were younger. They grow weaker because of a loss of calcium, protein, and other nutrients. They also are compromised because of the stress and strain that you put on them through the years.

When you experience severe shoulder pain in Hoffman Estates, you may be unable to find relief by taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Instead, you will need to seek out treatment from an experienced Orthopedic Doctor in Hoover, AL.

Non-Invasive Remedies

Your doctor for shoulder pain in Hoffman Estates will typically try non-invasive remedies to treat your condition. Depending on what is causing the pain, your physician might recommend that you do aqua exercises or undergo deep muscle massages. Many times, these therapeutic remedies can ease the worst of the pain in your shoulder and other parts of your skeletal system.

If the pain is caused by bone spurs or arthritis, your physician may also use laser therapy to ease the discomfort. The laser reduces swelling and irritation in your body. It can be done by shining the laser through the skin and without having to make an incision.

Surgical Remedies

Pain caused by dislocations, fractures, or severe sprains many times must be remedied through surgical means. Your doctor will perform surgery to repair a broken bone in your shoulder or put the joint back in place. He or she may even have to insert rods and pins to reinforce your shoulder and help it move better as it heals.

After the surgery, you will wear a shoulder sling to keep your joint still and stable. The typical recovery time for shoulder surgery can be anywhere from six to eight weeks.

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