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by | Dec 6, 2018 | Skin Care

Participating in sports in high school, college, or for recreational purposes can lead to serious injuries for individuals whether they’re in shape or not. Stretching and overexertion can cause sprains in the foot and ankle areas. When an individual is injured, they should seek Athletic Injuries Treatment in Plainfield IL from a qualified physician. Restoring the strength and stamina of an individual should be the doctor’s primary focus.

Stretching Has Pros And Cons

Overstretching a muscle can be just as damaging as an individual never stretching at all. Stretching muscles before exercising is important for improving an individual’s range of motion, improving circulation, and stimulating the connective tissue areas. When an athlete maintains the same position for an extended period of time, the flexor muscles will tighten and shorten. This type of situation can easily lead to pain, inflammation, and injury.

A muscle must be stretched to 110% of their resting position and length to properly function. Stretching must be done properly and supervised by a trainer who knows the muscle groups and the sports the individual will participate in. An individual should start at the ends of the body and work towards their core. Stretching calf muscles and Achilles tendon are particularly important because they are usually the first muscles to tighten during exercise.

Stretching Mishaps

One thing an individual should keep in mind is never to bounce during stretching. When an individual bounces to stretch their muscles, it will cause the stretch to instantly contract. Stretching should be performed slowly on both sides of the body and be repeated ten to fifteen times.

Micro-trauma and tears in the muscles or connective tissue can also result from bouncing or overstretching a muscle. A muscle will also weaken because of improper stretching. Reducing the chance of Athletic Injuries Treatment in Plainfield IL begins with proper stretching.

When you require comprehensive care of a foot or ankle disorder, it’s important to see a doctor who treats these types of situations. They can offer non-surgical treatment of athletic injuries and perform a biomechanical analysis and functional orthotic fabrication. Browse the site for more information about treatment for your injury.

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