Relevant Demographics in Regard to In-Home Care for Orland Park Residents

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Senior Healthcare

Nationwide in the United States, female senior citizens are more frequently cared for by home health workers and companions than male seniors are. The primary reason is that, on average, women have a longer lifespan. In fact, the most typical client of a home care agency is an elderly widow. In-home care for Orland Park residents is available from qualified organizations helping people continue living at home as long as possible.

Relevant Demographic Characteristics

When looking at the demographic characteristics of today’s geriatric population, a person can gain insight into why this situation has developed. Significantly more female senior citizens live alone compared with their male counterparts are. For men age 65 and over, around 72 percent live with a spouse or partner. In contrast, only around 45 percent of women in this age group have this kind of living arrangement.

For women age 85 and over, about 90 percent live without a spouse or domestic partner. This is substantially different from the living arrangements of men in this group since about 54 percent of them still reside with a spouse or partner. In some cases, in-home care for Orland Park residents is provided for a couple fortunate enough to still have each other but need some assistance with daily living.

Getting Started

Many elderly persons prefer to continue living at home, even if they are somewhat disabled. Anyone who wants to learn more about services offered by Home & Hearth Caregivers may contact the organization with details offered

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