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Seeking Help From a Car Accident Injury Doctor When Back Arthritis Worsens

Being in a serious vehicle collision cannot cause degenerative disc disease, which is osteoarthritis affecting the spinal column. However, it can make the condition worse. A car accident injury doctor in Ocala and a physical therapist at the clinic provide treatment to patients dealing with this situation.

When this arthritis pain becomes frequent or especially bothersome, people sometimes consider back surgery. Yet research has verified that degenerative disc disease can be treated just as effectively with physiotherapy as with surgery.

A study completed in 2013 and published in the journal World Neurosurgery focused on men and women with low back pain caused by arthritis. The authors did not discover any significant difference between participants who received physical therapy treatment and those who had back surgery. Being evaluated and treated by both a car accident injury doctor in Ocala and a physical therapist in the same medical center can substantially decrease pain and improve mobility.

Many arthritis patients never even attempt physical therapy before deciding to schedule back surgery. Others start therapy and become frustrated after a few appointments, so they quit going. Being motivated to participate in numerous sessions and to do assigned exercises at home every day can be difficult. That’s especially true when someone deals with chronic pain.

At a minimum, patients struggling with low back pain may want to participate in sessions for a specific length of time before deciding on surgery. The doctor can provide advice on how long it could take for the therapy to produce positive results.