Senior Care Pharmacies Provide Seniors With Medications and Care

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Healthcare

Medications have become a critical part of health maintenance for many individuals and especially for seniors. Common drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease have extended lifespans and improved quality of life. That’s why a pharmacy that understands the unique needs of seniors is so important to maintaining good health in your later years.

Why a Senior Care Pharmacy Is So Important

Seniors often take several different medications with hard-to-remember names and different dosages. A pharmacy that takes the time to ensure individuals understand what their medication is for, and the most effective way to take it, can be of significant benefit to their health. These pharmacy professionals knows the special problems of the senior community and can monitor individuals more closely. Your pharmacist can also stay in contact with other members of the health team to help maximize the benefit of prescribed medications.

Special Services for Seniors’ Special Needs

A senior-oriented pharmacy can provide those small touches that make life easier, such as placing medications in non-childproof containers, so individuals with arthritis don’t have to struggle to take their medication regularly. Pharmacists can answer questions related to your medications, such as possible side effects, what to do when you forget to take a dose and whether to be concerned about interactions between medications, or with certain foods. In addition, a senior care pharmacy can compound medications into more convenient forms; for example, it can make a drug into a liquid that is easier to swallow than a large pill.

When you are deciding where to take your prescriptions, choose a senior care pharmacy that understands your needs and can help you make the most of the medications you are prescribed. We can help with careful prescriptions filling and our availability to answer your questions when you need clarification.

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